Reclaimed Wood Trestle Table

Reclaimed Walnut Table in Inventory.-

This beautiful Reclaimed Walnut Table is currently available in our inventory. Brian Fencer, built this table from Reclaimed Walnut boards and beams.  He did not just built it, but also he salvaged the wood from a local land clearing, in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.

Walnut Trestle Table

                         Reclaimed Walnut Table


Trestle Table Dimensions.-

  • 29 3/4” tall x 6 1/2′ Long x 3′ Wide
  • Top*:  1” (approx.) thick  5 to 7 plank top (mixed widths)
First, Brian carefully reclaimed the wood, trying to recover as much as he could.  Then, he condition the wood.  That means dried it debugged, dried it properly, de nailed it and cut every piece needed.
Made from Reclaimed Walnut

                                          Trestle Table Base

The joinery consist of mostly mortise and tennon, joinery, hand rubbed and coated with clear finish . IMG_0773The craftsman, selected and matched carefully every single board and piece of wood to make a unique and beautiful table.
Brian’s careful craftsmanship combined with a hand rubbed finish ensure the highest quality and long lasting beauty.

If you are interested in this table give us a call at 1 540 348 5301 you can also  contact us through the form, we will immediately get in touch with you.  You are welcome to browse our table gallery and pick the model you prefer.  Brian Fencer’s has made all the tables you see in the website, his expertise in custom making  furniture with reclaimed lumber can warranty you a heirloom quality product.

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